The Necessary Philosopher


The Leica M3 has this look of classic beauty :)

Thunder’s Guilty Face

All the fun that $2 can buy

A Good Run

Have been having a good run with photos of Clare lately. Well, just two photos actually. But I really like them.

Wildcat Hill

How glad I was to return! To return from noise, dirt, stench, hurry, to the sea and cypress.
The machine it seems to me should give man a life of leisure, time for inner expansion,
instead of the terrible maelstrom engendered.

Edward Weston

Cos’ I’m Happy


Why I Photograph

I’m an idealistic person. Very often, people and the world around me (myself included) fail to live up to my expectations.

Photography allows me to exert control over the world. With my photos, I get to frame the world as I want it to be. Often, it is quite different from how things are in reality.

Photography restores my faith in the beauty of a world that exists only in my head.

Mongrels are Beautiful


Fresh Air

Coming home and cuddling your kid after a long day at work feels like that first gasp of fresh air when you surface after holding your breath for too long underwater. Reminds me why I should keep fighting for a better world.

Christmas Music

Christmas music always helps when I’m feeling down.