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Vancouver 2014


All the fun that $2 can buy

A Good Run

Have been having a good run with photos of Clare lately. Well, just two photos actually. But I really like them.

Fresh Air

Coming home and cuddling your kid after a long day at work feels like that first gasp of fresh air when you surface after holding your breath for too long underwater. Reminds me why I should keep fighting for a better world.

Silver lining

On the way to school this morning… Clare: I wish we stayed near school so you could walk me to school. Me: Sorry, we can’t afford to stay near your school. Clare: But I don’t like staying at our house. It’s old, dark and scary. Me: What’s so scary about it? Clare: It’s an old […]

Clare’s first dropped tooth

Clare dropped her first tooth today! One down, many to go!

Film Backlog: Clare

Seeing Double

From the archives. Accidental double exposures are sometimes the most interesting.

Clare and Emma

Clare and her BFF 🙂 Taken with the Nokton 35mm f/1.2. Love this lens.