The Necessary Philosopher

Month: September, 2003

Dilbertitis – Corporate Disease

After some thought, I have coined a personal term for this phenomenon that I often encounter… Dilbertitis! I came in this morning with the intention of being the model worker, the apex of productivity and exemplary attitude. Then a stream of blatantly clueless e-mails from the boss came in… my cubicle mates were treated to […]

Preparations for Nepal

I’ve so many things to blog about that I’ve put them all on my “To Do” list on my PDA in case I forget any of them. So organised huh? With the dive trip over, I’m now turning my attention to preparations for my Nepal trip in November. On my list of equipment to get: […]

Of fishes, cats, mice and monkeys

It’s been an exciting few days for me, both in and out of the water… The highlight of the dive trip for me was doing the dawn dive on the second day and having the resident school of Ikan Kuning (that fish you eat with nasi lemak) circle around me. I imagined how many times […]


I’m tired and exhausted from the trip. Will blog more when I have the time and energy. Meanwhile here is a teaser pic of the shots I took over the weekend. This one looks like the fish is saying, “Hey! Get out of my anemone!”

End of the Paper Chase

Finally, after 1.5 months of constant writing and 15 reincarnations, my paper has been approved for circulation to the management. It’s good to have this sense of closure on a Friday afternoon 🙂

Antique Rags

Due to the shortage of shirts, I’ve had to wear the same shirt that I wore to work on Monday (after washing of course). It’s this old grey coloured shirt that I wear on Monday to show my enthusiasm for work. Anyway, it’s just as old as the yellow one… I can now see all […]

Clothes all over the place

Yes, this is what one of the rooms in the house looks like now…

Funny, it was fine when I was there

At 4am, my mum came into the room and woke me up because there was a blackout. At first we thought it was because all the fans in all the rooms were on full blast to dry the clothes and the floor that we overloaded the system, so we turned off all the fans and […]

Drama in the Rain

Lots of drama at home today, lucky I only saw the aftermath of it all when I came home from work. All my work clothes were out of the cupboard and hung all over the house like some fashion parade. Apparently, the heavy rain and choked roof gutter on the roof of my place caused […]

9 yrs old

One of the guys from another dept just commented that the yellow shirt I wore to work today was quite nice. At that point, I suddenly realised that the shirt was 9yrs old already! I bought it just after my A-levels when I did some temp work before doing my NS. I’m amazed it’s lasted […]