The Necessary Philosopher

Month: October, 2003


I’m beginning to realise that Photoshop’s possibilities are endless… limited only by our imagination and patience. Did you know you can create cool patterns out of old pictures? Doing this one makes me thirsty 🙂 Original Picture Pattern Created

What I learnt today

The photoshop class was more interesting than I thought it would be. As much as I thought I knew about photoshop, I found myself finding out new ways of doing things and more efficient ways of using some of the tools in photoshop. For instance, it used to be very obvious when I transplanted elements […]

Tissue Chope

What is this thing with people using packets of tissue to reserve seats? During lunch today, I sat down at an empty table and began eating, only to realise that I was sitting on something. It turned out to be a packet of tissue encased in a tissue holder… either someone was trying to reserve […]

Online & On Course!

I can’t believe it… here I am at my Adobe Photoshop training course in this really ulu part of Shenton Way that I never knew existed, and they even have broadband in the lab here! Super cool! 🙂

Book on Design

I just bought a book from Kino tonight called Design and Layout: Understanding and Using Graphics. It’s pretty good as a “Design for Dummies” type of book, and I’m getting more and more fascinating with the different aspects of design as I read it 🙂

Tree Silhouette

Trust me, this looked much better when I was looking at it with my own eyes :p Anyway it was this shot that made me realise that there was something wrong with my 17-40 lens! 🙁 It was too dark to autofocus so I flipped the manual focus switch and the camera refused to stop […]

Retail Therapy Again :p

I spotted someone selling their Canon 70-200 f/4 lens on the Clubsnap Forums last night and on impulse I decided to go take a look at it. Turns out the guy just bought an entire Canon system a month back and has now decided that he doesn’t like it, so he was selling the whole […]

Square Thoughts Make Square Days

My first thought this morning as I was walking out to the bus stop… it’s a nice sunny morning and here I am voluntarily going to encase myself in a square box and stare at another square box and think square thoughts until the sun finally sets… And here I am 20mins later blogging about […]

Viewpoint on the Moon Landing

A certain person I know thinks that the moon landings were a hoax based on a tv programme he watched. Well, I’ve found a couple of sites that try to debunk the moon landing hoax theory. This one focuses on the assertion that the moon landing photos were nothing more than badly doctored studio photographs. […]

Amazing Space Facts

To perk up your monday morning, here are some interesting space facts… Interesting Space Fact #1 The Great Wall of China isn’t the only man-made structure visible from space. Interesting Space Fact #2 You’ve heard of the North Star, but did you know there is also a South Star? Interesting Space Fact #3 Sounds can […]