The Necessary Philosopher

Month: January, 2004


Caught Irreversible with Joan this evening. I hated the beginning. The camera wouldn’t keep still and it kept spinning and spinning until I felt dizzy and felt like falling asleep. But it picked up after that and I liked the way it the film had so many layers of messages about life, love, sex and […]

More parting thoughts

Actually, come to think of it, I’ve never really inhabited my cubicle the way most people do. My cupboard always had enough space for more files and I neer really filled my desk with knick knacks, except for those that people tended to give me each time they returned from holiday. Sure I had a […]

Busy Bee Zee Bee

As expected, there is last minute panic setting in now, and I’m busy clearing out my desk and drawers and files and stuff, and giving briefings to people left right and centre. I’m definitely (NOT!!!) going to miss how everything here is so last minute. I’ve become somewhat less sentimental about things now, and most […]

My New Desktop Wallpaper

I took this pic during the Eye the City project and it didn’t look too inspiring… until I gave it the black and white treatment using a technique I learnt yesterday 🙂

The Final Countdown

Ok, this is it… my last week at my first job, and the beginning of my second job… things are still pretty quiet though, which makes me a little uneasy about what’s up ahead. My boss took leave today and he still hasn’t made time to do my handover with me (not that there’s much […]

CNY 2004

Happy Lunar New Year everyone 🙂

iPod’s ‘dirty little secret’

Was doing some reading up on the new iPod mini on ZDNet Australia when I found this article. “Brothers Casey and Van Neistat, who collaborate on video projects using Mac editing software, said they were told by a technical support representative at Apple Computer that the cost to replace the dead battery in an 18-month-old […]

Did You Know?

According to a news feed that I just read, Singapore is the ornamental fish capital of the world, with a 24 per cent share of the global export market. Just when you thought that we’d done it all…


Lots of excitement in my life lately 🙂 I submitted this pic to Grain Magazine for their photo contest on the theme “Red”. Last evening I got a call informing me that I won 2nd prize!!! Way cool! Though actually I don’t find the pic particularly awe-inspiring… oh well, don’t ask questions when lady luck […]

Picture Backlog

I know it looks like something the cow expelled from its rear end, but trust me, it’s food… and it’s also the product of all the slogging in the kitchen over the last weekend. Yes, this is more of the same stuff you saw above. Yum yum, am very proud of myself 🙂 It could […]