The Necessary Philosopher

Month: April, 2004

Blink Blink It’s Morning

These days I close my eyes, and in an instant it’s morning and I groan as I hear the alarm clock ringing. I dislike the feeling of waking up tired and having to drag myself out of bed.

The Aftermath of Osama

Sometimes we just need reminders about how lucky we are to be where we are. I just got back from watching “Osama”, a film-fest movie about a girl who is made to masquerade as a boy in order to survive life under the Taleban. I went away feeling very sorry for the women, but I […]

Joan’s Little Heaven

We went down to a mongrel adoption drive last weekend and Joan was in heaven after meeting one of the cutest little pups… I give you, Joan and Huggy… hopefully he’ll happy at his new home and that he will be loved and taken care of, just as all dogs should. I created the flash […]

Same Old Same Old

As usual it takes a blank blog page to remind me that it’s been too long and I’ve been neglecting my blog. And then I’ll diligently indulge in some blog diarrhoea for a few days before lapsing back into procrastination… Here are a couple of long overdue pictures of a baptism I shot recently at […]

Road collapses along Nicoll Highway

Latest news from Straits Times Interactive… “A PORTION of Nicoll Highway near the Golden Mile Complex, where the MRT’s Circle Line is being built, appears to have collapsed. Access to the road has been blocked off by police and civil defence officers at the scene.” It feels almost unreal… things like this never happen in […]

What Would Lassie Have Done?

The fishtank in the office sprung a mysterious leak today, and we had to do an emergency evacuation of the fishies… they are now housed in a tiny red pail. I’ve never liked fish because it feels as if every little bit of change traumatises them, and I’d hate to come to work tomorrow to […]

This is Goodbye…

Good bye dear friends, you have served me well 🙁 Sigh, I hate losing old shoes… it’s like losing one of your friends.

Down But Not Yet Out

I’ve been working like a dog of late. The main reason is cos’ my cousin (aka chief designer and mentor) has fallen prey to the evil chicken pox virus (i think it’s a virus), leaving me to hold the fort. So far so good, though I’m finding that I’m still not as efficient as I’d […]

Selling Flags

Ok so here are some of the many pictures I’ve been taking over the past couple of weeks… These first 3 are from the Care Community Services Society Flag Day, and I took the first one to show how difficult it is to sell flags… people just avoid you like you have the plague… Being […]

Pic update coming up…

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted any pictures, so I’m preparing to do so, except that I’m having trouble using ftp with my mac… I’ll get some pics up once I figure out how to work the darn thing :p