The Necessary Philosopher

Month: June, 2004

3 Days

In 3 days time we’ll be in Bali to attend a friend’s wedding. But before that, a packed schedule of activities to last us all the way until the time of departure… I can’t wait to get out of here! Hopefully I’ll come back with a flashcard full of cool pictures… A chatty cabby I […]

Some say Asia Pacific, but not all the time

Some companies can be bureaucratic, but this takes the cake. Today I was told to change some instances of the term “Asia Pacific” to “Asia-Pacific”. Being the conscientious worker that I am, I changed all of the instances of the term in the document, only to be told later to change it back… the excuse […]

The Post 9/11 world

I read Hweeling’s post on getting stopped by the police for taking pictures of the colonial houses in Sembawang and was reminded by a similar incident involving a friend of mine. He was at Sembawang Jetty taking pictures of the sunset when a police coast guard boat appeared from no where and they used the […]

Caught in the Act

My mum was wondering what happened to all the plants she put into the aquarium… guess fish have their vegetarian days too…

It Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter that she fell asleep watching Harry Potter… she fell asleep on my shoulder, and it was the nicest feeling 🙂

The things people create

I was doing some research today and came across this little invention… an anti-snoring headband. It’s supposed to sound and alarm to awaken a person who is snoring. Sounds good, but in practice, the device would wake not only the snorer up, but everyone else in the room as well… even if you’d already managed […]

Lomo Lunatic

That’s what I think I’m going to become very soon… I just got back some of the pictures that I took using our Lomo camera… Am very pleased with the results 🙂 More cute kids from Arab Heritage Week Joan on the bus after our hike in Marsiling 🙂 Bellydancer. Joan again braving the pipes… […]


Today was Fathers’ Day, and my sis and I originally wanted to bring my dad out for lunch at this restaurant that he likes that serves sharks fin soup (yes, I am a terrible example of a diver… don’t do as I do). The other choice was to bring my dad to KFC… that’s right… […]

The Battle of the Formats

Sigh… it’s been a real learning experience but i’ve managed to do it finally… it’s such a headache to convert artwork in between formats. I spent the last 2 hours trying to convert my Freehand files into Illustrator format because SPH says it causes less problems when they send the files for print. Anyway, the […]

Hooray for our men in uniform!

It’s interesting to see how these things happen so fast… I got a bit of a shock last night when I heard that national service will be reduced from 2.5 years to 2 years. Actually I think that it’s a long overdue change, one that I thought would never materialise. It will save the SAF […]