The Necessary Philosopher

Month: July, 2004

Tales in Green

Well, tomorrow is the start of our living hell… the day of loading up stores before the big exercise. The kiasu attitude of the higher-ups asking for double the amount of stores that they will really need, plus the recent wet weather will ensure that there’s lots of washing up to do after the whole […]

An eventful non-event

So many things have been happening, both in and out of camp that I really don’t know where to start, even if I had the time to blog about them all… over the past week, I’ve had to: 1) attend a wedding that turned into an eventful non-event at the last minute 2) deal with […]

Oh to be free again

It’s that time of the year again… I’m back in camp doing my in-camp training and as usual, it’s a thoroughly sucky experience. Rush to wait and wait to rush. I can’t understand how anyone could look back on this with fond memories. I’m so looking forward to the end of our last day on […]

Misadventures in Bali

Photographic evidence of my heinous crime in Bali… Moral of the story? Turn your camera off when not in use… The flowers I’m stepping on are actually prayer offerings that the Balinese put out each morning and evening… and I didn’t realise that I’d stepped on them until I saw photographic evidence :p

Dreams do come true

Still can’t believe it… on the way to Bali with Joan for a friend’s wedding, and we’re now facing each other using the free internet terminals while waiting for the plane…. here’s to good pictures and a good time 🙂