The Necessary Philosopher

Month: August, 2004

WOMAD 2004

Joan and I bought tickets for Saturday’s WOMAD 2004 performances. At first I was a little disappointed with the first few acts compared to the standard of previous years, but I’m glad that I decided to hang around a bit longer, cos’ the music got much better towards the end when 2 fantastic acts came […]

Those are the choices…

My grandmother was lamenting today about how her own mother died at 75 and yet she was still alive and having to suffer each day. As I was listening to her, I came to the realisation that discounting attempting suicide, we are all given a fixed number of years on this earth. We can either […]

Comfort on a Rainy Afternoon

I’m all at peace this afternoon…. amidst the worries of being dangled in unemployment limbo. Here I am sitting at the front door of my house, laptop on my lap, trusty retriever by my side (albeit in need of a good bath), and a heavy rain outside, blowing a steady stream of cool wind through […]

The Suspense

Currently I’m playing the waiting game as I’m waiting for replies to all my job applications. I really dislike this feeling of being jobless and watching your bank account sink to miserable depths while you go for one interview after another trying to act like a model employee in the hope that someone will want […]

My Little Pirate

Some long overdue pictures of my little pirate and her newfound first mate… (more pictures are over at the linked site)

New and Improved

Ok, after months of procrastination, I’ve finally completed my wedding and event photography website… I designed it on my mac, so I’m not certain how it looks on regular windows based PCs, so I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who encounters anything odd while surfing through it 🙂

Fruits of my Labour

Amazing what a few drawing lessons did for a geek like me… I used to fail my art lessons in school!

Look and you will find

Today I suddenly realised that in order to notice something, you must first be looking for it at some level. I was wondering why it was that a man would probably not notice the new pair of earrings on a woman friend’s ears, whereas a girlfriend would notice the new jewellery in an instant? I […]

How you know

You know your girlfriend is a tv addict when: 1) she cries in anguish at having missed an episode of Friends. 2) she subscribes to HBO just to watch Sex in the City

The Impossible Shirt

Then there is the debacle of the “white shirt business”. Yesterday, I went shopping for a classic white shirt to wear to job interviews. The last one I bought ended up with a nasty permanent oil stain on one of the sleeves, rendering it useless for interviews. Anyway, unless you’ve gone out looking for one […]