The Necessary Philosopher

Month: September, 2004

Snake Oil Man

He was trying to convince everyone that the thing in the bottle was a real alien baby or something…

Musings on Hunger

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a rant this long, but here it comes finally… This morning I heard a comment on a radio trailer that said that the mainland chinese are hungrier for success than Singaporeans. And that set me wondering if this was true, and why. Yes, I know this has […]

Blue Chain

Here goes nothing…

For those of you who have been plagued by comment spam as I have been recently, some tips from Yoz Grahame might do the trick… I’ve decided to reopen my comments, and hopefully this time I’ll get more than spam 😉

A Taste of Hollywood ;)

I was playing around with Final Cut Pro today, and it really made me feel like a movie producer 🙂 I produced a 17 second mini photo slideshow. It’s 368kb in size, so only go for it if you have broadband. Here it is, cheesy wipes, obiang transitions and all.

Hooray for FTP

Finally my FTP is up to full speed again. For a long time I was suffering from horrendously slow FTP connection speeds, until I found out recently that it was because I didn’t perform some change in my settings as recommended by my service provider. Anyway it was all solved with a simple click of […]

No Comment

Sorry to my readers out there (all 3 of you heh)… I have temporarily disabled comments for a couple of weeks. Hopefully that will allow enough time for the spam bots that have been assaulting my comments boxes for my old posts to leave them alone. I really don’t understand what these spammers hope to […]

The Modernisation of Chinatown

Little Thinker

This little drama-mama wannabe was taking notes at a speech and drama recital over the weekend. No prizes for guessing what she’s gonna be when she grows up…

My Girl is a Biker Chick!

When you least expect it, your girlfriend could turn out to be a biker babe 🙂 Joan tried mountain biking in Mandai today, together with myself, her dad and his friends. It was her first time going off-road, and I was worried that she might fall or freak out upon hitting the slopes, but she […]