The Necessary Philosopher

Month: November, 2004

Beats being crucified I guess

I saw this lying in a pile of trash on the way to Joan’s place today. How’s that for sentimental eh?

Random Acts of Madness

This weekend, Joan, Kaizad and myself decided to participate in the Round Island Challenge 2004. Needless to say, we are all in various states of pain and muscle exhaustion at the moment, and unanimous in swearing off sitting on our bikes for the next week at least. By virtue of our shared ordeal, we are […]

Prove your Geekhood

There comes a time in one’s life when you stop and ask yourself this very important question: What could be worse than talking to a puffed up geek? Yup, you got it… TWO PUFFED UP GEEKS. Before I start my rant, I would first like to admit that I screwed up my interview today. I […]

Thunder Asunder

No matter what, this dog will be loved and cared for.

Happy Thunder

Thunder the Wonder Dog

Joan beat me to it but here’s another picture of our new baby 🙂 Originally I wasn’t too hot about the idea of having another dog around, but I changed my mind after spending some time with him… it was an unexpected surprise, but he’s quite a well behaved dog, and cute too!

Golf while the rest of the world is stuck in traffic

I was rudely reminded today of how land scarce we are here in Singapore. Where do you go on a public holiday? People everywhere, traffic snarls and carparks overflowing with cars double parked everywhere. Seems like those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to travel out of the country end up going to one of […]

Ancient Marks

I found this amazing photo essay comparing the different kinds of tattoos and marks from different cultures.

Camera Phone comparison

Thinking of getting a camera phone? This Danish site has sample pics taken with the phone to help you with your purchasing decision… photographers rejoice!

Self Portrait

Yes, I was bored.