The Necessary Philosopher

Month: January, 2005

Tummy Trouble

Joan and I are spending some quality time together today (and some time on th can too)… courtesy of some very nasty leftover fishhead curry. But I guess it beats suffering through the monday blues.

Nasty Rotten Scoundrels

It always happens just before I leave work. For some reason, all the nastiest, most obnoxious employers will wait till I’m about to pack up and go home on a Friday evening before insisting that someone pander to their juvenile egos. When I called him, all he wanted to do was to insult me and […]

Date Night

Last night Joan and I finally made time to go on a date…. just the two of us. It’s very difficult to find alone time nowadays, what with family commitments on both ends, our jobs, miscellaneous errands and the odd birthday party/wedding or two every couple of weeks to attend. But I guess it makes […]

Deader than dead

Well not really… guess there must be some sort of life left in me if I’m able to blog. But barely… work drains most of the life out of me, and each day all I want to do is to surf aimlessly and vegetate in front of my beloved Mac. Work is sort of like […]

Black & White Megafest

I’ve been experimenting with my black and white techniques in photoshop recently, but work and other commitments have been keeping me away from blogging and posting lately, so I’ve decided to just post one mega black and white picture fest that I’ve stored up over the months. View from my office window. It was a […]

Boys will be Boys 2

We live in a confusing world of multiple file formats… sorry if you couldn’t view the movie clip I last posted. Here’s a photo of our boys in action 🙂

Boys will be Boys

Joan and I are proud parents. Our little boys have learned to play 🙂 Not sure if this can play on your browser, or if your player has the right codec, but the best thing to do is to right click on the link and save/download the link to your desktop and then use Windows […]

How Geeks Make Lunch Reservations