The Necessary Philosopher

Month: February, 2005

Shocking Business

Straits Times Interactive is going to charge for online news! I couldn’t believe what I was reading… Dear STi Reader, You are getting this email from the ST Interactive team as you are among the more than 280,000 of our registered users. We thank you for your interest in the website and would like to […]

28 years of baggage

I wasn’t looking forward to doing it, but I’m glad I’ve begun the mammoth task of cleaning my room of all the junk that I’ve accumulated over the past 28 years. It was a trip down memory lane for me as I ended up finding and fiddling with things that I hadn’t touched in years. […]

The Animal Lover

My heart melts each time I see her fussing over animals 🙂 She loves them, and I love her.

Should I be disturbed?

Last 20 Search Engine Queries on my website… 1)?WOMAD?? 2)?How to attain happiness?? 3)?ip3000 printer construction?? 4)?indian hot guys?? 5)?breakdancing girl?? 6)?arabic hot?? 7)?indian adult dance?? 8)?terence philosopher?? 9)?”jalan kayu”?? 10)?terence?? 11)?Joan ?? 12)?wedding photo?? 13)?cane dance?? 14)?terence and joan?? 15)?indian kids?? 16)?rappers?? 17)?Joan ?? 18)?wedding dinner scripts?? 19)?the necessary philosopher?? 20)?the necessary philosopher

Serious TV

Joan watching riveting stuff on tv… an episode of The Bachelor 😉 I love that cute look of concentration on her face when she watches tv 🙂

Chinese New Year 2005

My Retro House

My Life in a Week

We set up a voicemail service for our telephone hotllines at work. The idea was to alleviate our overstretched call centre team. None of us were hot about the idea, but complaints about our service levels were coming in from all sides, and we had to be seen to be doing everything in our power, […]