The Necessary Philosopher

Month: March, 2005

Meet Einstein

We’re running a regular menagerie… this is the latest addition to Joan’s store of pets. World, meet Einstein. Isn’t he the cutest little guinea pig? Ok, so the pic isn’t of Einstein, but I happen to think that my dog Brindal happens to look a lot like an oversized guinea pig 😉

Ironic ain’t it?

That I spend so much time in front of a crappy pc at work that I don’t have the energy to stare at my mac when I get home 🙁

How to make your life easier

Abandon all technology. My 120GB Firewire 2 portable harddisk is going a bit wonky on me. I’ve spent a good part of my weekend reformatting it and trying desperately to save all my data. I am about 75% sure that there is a physical error with my harddisk because it gets stuck sometimes when writing […]

History Uncovered

When you least expect it, you discover the strangest of things. My mum has been a great help recently with the renovations to my room, helping us change the windows which were falling apart, and the cupboards, which had fallen apart… well you get the idea. Anyway, when the cupboard had been removed, I decided […]

Revenge of the Weekend Warrior

We don’t have dress down Fridays at the office, so this morning, I decided to implement my own version of it. I will no longer shave on Fridays. Let’s see how long this will last 😉 Last weekend flew by in a flash, and before I knew it, it was Sunday night and I was […]