The Necessary Philosopher

Month: April, 2005

The Day Before

Since I’m in a posting mood, might as well post up pics of the day before Thunder’s life-changing experience… it’s going to be a while before he’s running around like that again 🙂


Finally something exciting to report… my dog has no balls… or at least they are shrinking 🙂 We brought him to the vet this morning to get his castration done, and the poor boy is now all doped up and thoroughly miserable. The vet said the stitches were buried stitches and didn’t require Thunder to […]

Windoze problems

This morning’s experience back at work reminded me why I’d rather kill myself before going back into the world of windows… I went into work for almost 2 hours today and I think I only got about 2 min of productive time on my winxp based laptop. Silly me forgot that the security was so […]

Nothing Whine-worthy

It’s bothered me for quite a while that I never seem to have anything blog-worthy in my life to share. Everyday I go to work, then I come back, and then surf for a bit before going to bed and repeating the cycle ad nauseum. Then I figured that there isn’t anything particularly wrong about […]