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Month: June, 2005

Keep ’em Fingers Crossed

And I thought we were going to have an early night tonight… we finally decided on where our next holiday (disguised as a honeymoon) would be, and the airline website is jammed. Feels as if half of Singapore is booking a flight tonight. Grrrr….

Back to the Grind

Sigh, it’s back to work for me in the morning. Thankfully, it’s already Wednesday. Some things don’t change… even after marriage. Seriously though, there have been many people asking me if I can feel a difference. Nope, life is more or less the same, except that I now call my partner in crime my wife […]

We’re Married!

Thus began my day yesterday… This was taken when I thought that I had the misguided notion that I’d actually have the time to document my day with little snaps like this using my phone cam… how wrong I was… The day went swimmingly well, and both of us are over the moon at being […]

What is Love?

I hesitated before writing this entry as I was telling Joan. The reason is that I feel that people in general don’t like to read happy blog entries. And this one is a happy entry. I was explaining to Dex and Kenneth tonight about how I transformed myself from someone who swore never to marry […]

Boys Will Be Boys… and Women Will Shop

For most people, their marriage is the time when they try to look their slimmest and their best. I’m currently about 10 kilos heavier than I should be, and I’ve got a fat-ass ulcer on my lower lip. Then again, I guess this means that the best is yet to come right? 😀 Tonight I […]

The Many Uses of a Bicycle

Moving Out Part 1

It’s only Part 1 of our big move… today we did the bulk of our move to my parent’s place, and both of us are tired out. Thankfully, we only had to move the contents of one room over to my place, and I think this is a reminder that we must try not to […]

The Perfect Wedding

Sometimes I feel that the people around us are so obsessed with ensuring that we have the “perfect wedding” that they lose track of who the wedding is for. I was thinking about it this morning and it’s like the parent who tries to plan a perfect birthday party for her child, but ends up […]

What would life be like without Fire?

I was just thinking to myself yesterday morning that after last month’s debacle, this month had been relatively troublefree systemwise. I spoke too soon. Our mail server went haywire and one of the jobs messed up. We had 800+ confused customers to placate. I guess this is what keeps my job exciting.

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