The Necessary Philosopher

Month: July, 2005

Take Him Out!

We watched Fantastic Four at the movies today, and I almost burst out laughing at the scene where Dr Doom emerges out of this truck during his fight scene with the Thing near the end of the movie… The police captain shouted “Take him out!” before the cops opened fire. The chinese subtitles however, read […]

The First of Many Honeymoons

A whopping 2,342.6 kilometres later, we ended our grand roadtrip, having driven down from Sydney to Melbourne, and then continued on to do a loop into the Grampions and finally returning to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road. I had the best companion in the world, great scenery, and we ate every meal like it […]

Our Wedding Photos

In case anyone has missed the photos posted on Eugene’s blog, here they are… A selection of our wedding day pictures

Off to Oz!

Ok, we’re off to Oz tomorrow night! Here’s to a great time, and great pix! 🙂 Btw, been wanting to say a little something about the London bombing. I agree with what the Mayor of London said… the terrorists, despite their stated ideals, killed indiscriminately. There was definitely no way to tell if the people […]

Gung Ho

Last night we celebrated Lynn’s birthday, and I took the opportunity to take some shots of everyone playing pool, especially my gung ho wife 🙂 My cool pool chick wife 🙂 Dex doing his Michael Jordan impression (I played around with the posterise function in photoshop) Today was another reminder of how lucky I am […]

Ode to the Morning

I am so not a morning person. I was all grumpy at having to drag my sorry ass to work this Monday morning. So here I am, all bleary-eyed, grouchy and thoroughly enthusiastic about being hauled out of bed this cool balmy Monday morning.

Yellow Brick Road

Yay! We’re off to see the Wizard! Ok well not quite… But we are going to Oz! We finally got our tickets settled and we’re going to fly into Sydney, do a road trip to Melbourne from there and then fly back to Sydney before coming home. All in all, it’ll be about 2 weeks, […]