The Necessary Philosopher

Month: October, 2005

Shooting Blind

About 2 weeks back, I went out shooting with my newly acquired EOS 5. I must say that shooting with film is very exciting because you never know what you’ll get. However, if there is one thing I dislike, it’s having to go down to the shop to get the films processed. After numerous delays, […]

Theme 3 – Fashion in Action

My submission. As you can probably tell, I was out of ideas by then, and I don’t think I quite connected with the theme. The other shots.

Theme 2 – Child’s Play

Sorry for the delay… anyhow the pics from the 2nd theme were nothing to crow about. The only noteworthy thing about this theme was that the judges specifically said that we should avoid shooting pictures of cute kids. Immediately after that pronouncement, I heard a bunch of people behind me murmuring about going to Bugis […]

Theme 1 – World in Motion

This is what I submitted for the first theme. Joan thinks I should have selected this one instead. These are the other interesting shots I got.

Canon Photo Marathon 2005

We took part in the Canon Photo Marathon again this year. But no prizes for us this time round. Admittedly, the most important reason is that my pictures lacked the same punch as they did last year, and the quality of the competition has increased dramatically. That being said, the quality of judging has certainly […]

Hasselblad 503cx

We actually have one, courtesy of the generosity of my dad’s cousin. We’re still reeling in disbelief.

22 Candles Later…

My stash this year… I call this my WifePod cos’ my wife got it for me 🙂 My mum seems to want grandkids quite desperately by the looks of this present… apparently she disapproves of my laptop having too much contact with my lap… “not good for a man” she said :p I also got […]

Rules of Language

Like all good civil servants, I went for a course on business writing today. Sitting in there reminded me how little I know about the English language, and for that matter, everyone else. According to the teacher, there is only one authority on the bits of the English language that aren’t covered by any rules… […]

Things to do when you’re waiting

All I can say is that the 20D’s 5 frames per second is pretty impressive… I read somewhere that someone actually made a movie this way.

Sunday Fun

Kenneth was too sick to finish a wedding job today, so I agreed to replace him for the dinner half of the wedding. At first I was feeling a little grumpy at having to sacrifice my precious Sunday for this, but the thought of leaving my best friend sick and nearing collapse at a wedding […]