The Necessary Philosopher

Month: January, 2006

Photo Highlights of the Past Few Days

No sudden moves buster! I want Bak Kwa… C’mon, let’s go!!! Thunder dying to go for a walk. A very considerate driver We were teaching Thunder how to stay and not move or get distracted. It almost looks as if he’s talking 🙂 Dinky trying to get into some of the action too. Our cute […]

Use Your Powerbook as a Carpenter’s Spirit Level

This dashboard widget for the Mac should be of interest to the tiny community of Mac-wielding building contractors out there… as well as geeks out for a bit of fun…

Understanding Non-Literacy as a Barrier to Mobile Phone Communication

Nokia has done some interesting research into the barriers faced by the non-literate in using mobile phones. To me, this was the most interesting (though probably pretty obvious) part of the research: How non-literate users get by The simple answer is that non-literate mobile phone users can call, but cannot message or use the address […]

Blog Panic

2 days ago, my blog suddenly went blank. I was very upset but didn’t have the time to figure out what went wrong. Today I finally figured out that the problem was caused by a corrupted cache file. After deleting the file, the site miraculously went back to normal. I’m so glad that I didn’t […]

Freeze your hard drive to recover data: Myth or reality?

This is an interesting article I came across on Geeks are Sexy Technology News… if your harddisk is suffering from a mechanical failure, you can actually get it to work for long enough to copy all your data off the drive if you put the harddisk in the freezer (ziplock it first to prevent condensation). Apparently, […]

It Should Have Been Us

From ABC News Water Turned Into Fuel Iceland has already started by turning water into fuel — hydrogen fuel. Here’s how it works: Electrodes split the water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Hydrogen electrons pass through a conductor that creates the current to power an electric engine. Hydrogen fuel now costs two to three times as […]

Typewriters may make a comeback

From Slashdot  What is the right balance between security and productivity, in the corporate IT environment? Looking back at my company, 10 years ago, our machines were connected directly to the Internet, no proxy, no firewall, no antivirus software. Today, my company’s proxy server blocks access to: ‘bad’ web sites (such as Google Groups; our […]

The Inevitable

I’ve been mentally preparing for it for a long time, just that I never expected it to end this way, and in some ways I think I’m still in shock. Our oldest dog Brindal died yesterday of kidney failure. For the last couple of years, I witnessed the slow de-generation of our once youthful and […]

Cool But Useless Science Fact of the Day

 From WGN Weather Weblog  Very hot or boiling water, when hurled into frigid air, will almost instantaneously freeze into ice crystals, but cool water won’t. Unlike cool water, boiling water is so close to vaporising into a gas that it breaks into minute droplets when thrown into the air. Those droplets lose heat so quickly […]

Sucky Service

I must have said this countless times, but nowadays I find that I get very incensed when I’m on the receiving end of terrible service. I made a trip down to Sim Lim during lunch today to send my portable harddisk in for repair. After testing the harddisk, the technician acknowledged that it was faulty […]