The Necessary Philosopher

Month: March, 2006

Death of a PJ

I never heard of him before today, but reading this article intrigued me and I decided to check out his photo gallery. Powerful photos.

Jumpin’ Jack

Cool shot of dog in action at a dog show we attended at Expo recently.

The Jerry Jingle Bird Killers

OMG! They killed Jerry! Uh oh… caught in the act! 10 minutes after emergency surgery, the look of horror still remains on Jerry’s face. He’s lucky to be alive 😉


While Joan was helping out in church this evening with the serious pictures, I amused myself with shots of some of my favourite subjects… my wife and silhouettes. Is it my imagination, or has pregnancy made her more radiant than ever? (despite her complaining that she feels like crap most of the time)

Menstrual blood yields stem cells

From Hopefully this means no more painful bonemarrow extractions if the donor is female… Strange that scientists never thought of this before though. At the meeting of the American College of Cardiology, Dr Shunichiro Miyoshi reported that he and his colleagues at Keio University in Tokyo collected menstrual blood from six women and harvested […]

Damn Interesting

From Damn Interesting This is an interesting hypothesis… that modern day health problems may in part be caused by the invention of artificial light sources, leading to irregular sleep cycles. The root of the problem seems to be that unnatural light spawns unnatural behavior. Life on Earth evolved for millions of years in an environment […]

Annual Green Overdose

It’s like some annual curse. My annual in-camp training. After over a year of over-indulgence and sloth, the uniform doesn’t fit anymore, and I pant my way up and down the stairs and slopes. And I still HATE the colour green. Aside from that, nothing much has changed. Efficiency and logical decision-making is still at […]

Parking Attendant Begone

Some people think this helps ward away evil parking attendants. This person also believes that the evil parking attendants don’t have very good eyesight. Either that, or these stickers are triple strength.