The Necessary Philosopher

Month: April, 2006

Guess the name of this magazine

An example of very bad magazine cover layout… unless of course the name of the magazine is butt or buttocks 🙂 If you want to know the name of the magazine, I’ve posted it in the comments.

The Replacement Camera

THE place to get the most yummilicious breakfast 🙂 I got these shots while setting up for a roadshow.

Long Overdue

It’s all about convenience. Sometimes you have to stop being an equipment wanker and just get the shot. Not all the pictures are crisp and nice (taken with my Treo 650 phonecam), but they all represent something I witnessed from my unique point of view. That’s all they ever seem to do. Got this one […]

Comfy on the Couch

This is Dinky, and she loves our couch. The Dinky stare. This is the look that has struck fear into many a dog. Stuffing her nose between the pillows. She somehow finds that comfortable. Sleeping position number 63.

War Photographer

To most people, Iraq is yesterday’s news, but I’ve been following this war photographer’s posts for some time now, and the war is long from over. Very raw photos.

Results of My Hasselblad Experiment

The results from my first (successful) roll of film on our Hassy. I used Kodak Portra 160VC, and as far as I can tell, the results printed at 4R at the local film lab look similar to the output from our Canon 5D. I suppose one could tell the difference if we printed really really […]

Pardon my science

Who says scientists are stuffy and boring? I’ve found this interesting blog of a biologist who writes well and has interesting views on both science (especially evolution and worms) as well as politics. My interest was particularly piqued by his posts on cannibalistic slugs and the transitional fossil of a snake found with a […]

The Baby Cometh

We bought this baby changing station cum bookshelf from Ikea and I spent the evening assembling it. All this while, I was imagining our baby using it, and how I could proudly tell the baby that Daddy made this 🙂 When I was done, I took a few minutes to just sit in the baby’s […]

It’s not how you treat your boss that matters

This is something that I’ve learnt over the years too. A person’s character is best defined by how they treat others, and not how they treat you. From USA Today Swanson says he first noticed this in the 1970s when he was eating with a man who became “absolutely obnoxious” to a waiter because the […]

Customer Service

I’ve begun to notice that the people in charge of customer service usually don’t practice what they preach. Or rather, they usually become so jaded dealing with one nasty customer after another that they begin treating each customer as just another statistic. And since statistics are faceless, souless things, it’s easy to forget that behind […]