The Necessary Philosopher

Month: May, 2006

I hereby dub thee…

So Thunder was wrong about us having a son. We went for our 3rd checkup today and the ultrasound showed that our dear Flipper is a girl! Fortunately, we already had the names worked out in advance, and Flipper can now (to the relief of my mother) be referred to as Clare (until my speech […]

It Feels Good…

Recently, I read this shocking interview between CNET’s and Mitch Bainwol, RIAA’s chairman and CEO, and Cary Sherman, RIAA’s president. The bit that shocked me was their response to this question: Do your view your lawsuits, even ones where you sued a 12-year-old girl or a Boston grandmother, as a success overall and […]

The Marrying Kind

It’s amazing how quickly boys grow into men. It feels like only a short time ago that Kenneth and I were kids, looking for adventure in our neighbourhood, going cycling in the middle of the night, or just hanging out. As of yesterday, we are both married, and I’m going to be a daddy in […]


I saw something similar being done on one of the photography communities on LJ and decided to try it out for myself… you can actually get interesting pictures by holding up your negatives to the light and taking a photo of them. Then in Photoshop, simply invert the colours and you will get these very […]

Thunder says it’s gonna be a Boy!

Joan showed Thunder her palms today and asked him to choose one. She told him that one palm represented a girl and the other represented a boy, and Thunder chose boy 4 times! It’s amazing because Joan switched hands and he still chose the boy hand… wonder if this is a sign 🙂 Whatever the […]

All Excited About Parenthood

I love that smile 🙂 We attended the 1st month birthday of Baby Kyra today, and it really got me very excited about becoming a daddy. Sure there will be sleepless nights trying to get a tired, grouchy baby to feed or sleep, but judging from the looks on the faces of the proud new […]

Sibling Affection

We have got to be the luckiest doggy parents alive. One is a rough and tumble behemoth, and the other is a gentle little thing resembling a rat more than a dog. But they love each other to bits 🙂

The Baby Carrier

We found a baby gear supplier near our place today and got ourselves a nifty baby sarong carrier 🙂 Joan was so excited that she started test driving it on whatever she could find. First Dinky… Then the baby doll we got from Toys R Us. Thunder wanted a go too, but tough luck big […]

Back to Status Quo

Well, the fears I expressed in my last post seem to have been unfounded, and I’m happy to see that reason has prevailed in terms of the ballot results. Say what you will, but we have a system that works. We may have a government dominated by one party, but we have political stability, economic […]

Politics Between Rock and a Hard Place

I don’t have to vote this year, but I had an interesting time tonight watching the political rally highlights on tv. It’s beginning to dawn on me that this year’s election will be very hard fought. On one hand I’m seeing one party turning from hubris to genuine fear that the vote may not go […]