The Necessary Philosopher

Month: August, 2006

Costly Affair

It’s been a long time since I’ve had anything truly rant-worthy, but today surely makes up for it in a big way. Let me state for the record that I am very very very very ANGRY. I tried to transfer some money from my PayPal account into my Singapore bank account a few days ago. […]

The Queen of Poop

I swear that Dinky poos more than she eats. This morning she left me one pile of poo after her breakfast. After I’d cleaned that up, I took a tad bit too long to bring her down to finish the rest of her business, and she didn’t bother waiting for me. She punished me with […]

He’s soooooo clever!

It’s amazing how smart our doggies are. I think Thunder must have heard Joan’s car driving into the carpark. I don’t know how, because the carpark is a good 5 minutes walk away from our house, and Joan didn’t drive by our flat on the way to the carpark. Could he have picked out the […]

Happy National Day

Finish this sentence… a public holiday is the best time to… … catch up on your housework. And while the servants are slaving away, the masters of the house take a nap on the couch.

Given enough time, anything is possible…

I’ve always wondered if the philosophical argument that given enough time, a bunch of monkeys banging away at typewriters would eventually produce the works of Shakespeare. Well, wonder no more, because with this little java applet, you can try out the experiment for yourself! So far, my monkeys best performance has been the first 40 […]