The Necessary Philosopher

Month: September, 2006

Too tired

I’ve been wanting to blog about my thoughts on the whole Pope incident, having only recently read his allegedly offensive lecture in its entirety. But I’m too tired. Too bad for the Pope, acquittal will come another day.

Not Suitable for Idiots

Things have been happening around me lately that have made me ask myself this question… is it always possible to produce a product that is idiot-proof? What does this nebulous term mean anyway? That the product is so intuitive that even an idiot can’t mess up? Is it always the manufacturer’s fault when the consumer […]


It’s great to have a geek wife who spurs me to change things around every now and then. She’s the motivation behind my new blog layout.

Countdown to Fatherhood

I’m not sure if we’ll live to regret this, but the baby can’t come soon enough. It’s exciting to see the baby move around Joan’s tummy, reacting to music and our touch. Yet at the same time, I wish I could help Joan with the pregnancy apart from simply putting on a sympathetic face each […]

Return of the Lost Philosopher Sheep

It’s been a long time since I’ve read stuff that stimulated the philosopher within me. This week I read 2 very good essays that woke the philosopher up. While I may not agree with everything in the essays, the bits that I agreed with definitely struck a chord within me. This one was written […]

Heaven is…

… coming back to my Mac. I know I’ve been saying this like a broken record, but I absolutely look forward to coming home to my precious Mac (and wife, and dogs…) every evening. My windows laptop at work crapped out on me when I tried to run some program that was on a network […]


Just as I was putting the camera away last night, I turned around and found our two doggies cuddling each other on the cushion. It really was too cute. I can’t imagine how much cuter it will be when we have moments like this with our kids 🙂 The only trouble is, with kids I […]

Happy Birthday Thunder!

Our little boy turned 2 today! We decided to celebrate by treating our little fruitcakes to a nice slice of fruitcake 🙂 Needless to say, the doggies were thoroughly confused throughout the cake cutting, but they raised no objections when they got to eat their cake 😀

Thunder has one…

…and now, so does Dinky 🙂

The Strange Things People Do

Riding without a helmet on a busy road. SingPost apparently doesn’t provide helmets… Homebrew diffuser using a plastic food container… at a fashion show shoot no less.