The Necessary Philosopher

Month: October, 2006

You Know Things are Different When…

I hate shaving. I hate having to spend extra time each day lopping off hair that will grow back by the end of the day. I hate it when I cut myself while trying to shave off those tiny in-grown bits of face fur. The alternative is to use one of those electric shavers, but […]

Amazing But True

Joan and I discovered this amazing fact last night… The top of Clare’s head smells like sweet buttered popcorn. I think it’s the combination of the baby bath we are using and the natural oil on her head. Needless to say, it makes me really hungry when we get up in the middle of the […]

Thar She Grows!

It’s amazing how fast Clare is growing. 9 days ago when she was born, she measured 47cm in length. We measured her with a measuring tape today, she’s about 50cm with her legs slightly bent. She already barely fits into clothes meant for babies 1 month old. I suspect that a major reason is that […]

Skin Deep

From 30gms Amazing what good lighting, makeup and photoshop can do… it’s unbelievable that this is the same model! This was part of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty ad campaign. to show how unrealistic expectations of beauty are created. See the transformation in 60 seconds at 30gms

A meeting with Doctor Strange

I’ve never liked going to Polyclinics. Nothing against them because I feel that low cost healthcare does have it’s place, but I’d rather pay more for a shorter queue and better service. My last experience at a Polyclinic was very forgettable. It was hot, muggy and crowded, and I waited for at least 2 hours […]

Yippee our little angel (with horns) is back!

Here she is finally home and taking a nap in her cot… no doubt saving energy for her nightly yowling sessions :p

Our baby is coming home!

We’re all pumped up about getting Clare back from the hospital today. Finally, she can get to use all the stuff that we’ve been stockpiling all this while. Finally, we can stop making trips back and forth the hospital and having to contend with nurses and doctors. Finally, she is all ours. On the other […]

Day 5

Compared to entertaining our daughter full-time in the hospital, today was considered a very slow day. We went to the hospital in the morning so Joan could give Clare her morning feed, and also so that we could find out the progress of her phototherapy. According to the doctor, Clare won’t be expected to be […]

Clare Elizabeth Lee

Born: 18th October 2006, 12.23pm Weight: 2.925kg Length: 47cm Hello Clare, welcome to the world 🙂 To all of Joan’s wonderfully supportive friends, sorry for the lack of updates till today… we only got back from the hospital today. And unfortunately, Clare is still down with a spot of jaundice (that explains why she looks […]

Belatedly Dilated

Clare isn’t out yet 🙁 The good news though is that Joan is already dilated to 8cm. I was quite worried that this would be one of those draggy drawn out labours because she was 3cm dilated at midnight, and at 4am she was still about 3cm dilated. We both tried our best to grab […]