The Necessary Philosopher

Month: December, 2006

Merry Christmas

It was Clare’s first Christmas, and obviously we took many many pictures of her 🙂 Zonked out after all the Christmas excitement… and lost amongst the piles of presents and gift wrappers. I’m sure that next year she won’t be sleeping through gift unwrapping time! Yes, she’ll hate us for this 20 years from now, […]

Welcome to the Heartlands

You know you live in the Heartlands when the Christmas block party organised by the local residents’ committee begins with Christmas music and ends off with the inevitable karaoke session (consisting of decidedly non-christmas songs). Oh well. How about some pictures?

Human Bloodhounds

Not sure why, but something about this article from just made me want to laugh. I think it’s the thought of humans getting on all fours and trying to sniff out the source of a scent. The funniest part is that they were trained to sniff out chocolate! Their speed was described as “relatively […]

Fresh Air!

The last 48 hours have seen the 3rd largest levels of rainfall in Singapore’s recorded history. The good news is that the air is the freshest it’s been in a long time. While walking the dogs this morning, it felt as if I was on holiday 🙂 I also heard that many of the christmas […]

I have hands!

This is one of those proud parent moments 🙂 Clare discovered her hands and feet today, and she had a whale of a time batting away at the toys on play gym. It was magical to see the thrill on her face when she discovered that she could actually interact with the world around her. […]

Somebody Stop Me!

I guess I’m going through the proud parent syndrome cos’ I can’t stop posting pictures of Clare or gushing about how cute I think she is to Joan all the time 🙂 She’s laid up in bed at the moment with a fever from her immunisation today, but I hope that she’ll bounce back from […]

Letter to Clare – 3 Dec 2006

Hi Clare, Mummy and I can’t begin to tell you how much we love you and the joy that you bring us each time we look at you. It pains me each time I have to leave you to go off to work. I wish that I had the kind of job where I could […]

The Return of Peace

It’s been a traumatic 2 weeks. I don’t want to go into details, just suffice to say that we’ve gone through a whole gamut of emotions and feelings recently, some which are not in my nature or familiar to me. Some of which I’m thankful for, some of it I take as a learning experience, […]