The Necessary Philosopher

Month: January, 2007

She just wants to play

Clare has the cutest look on her face when she’s playing and having a good time. Now she’s begun to make cooing and gurgling sounds to communicate with us, and it really melts my heart when I hear her chuckle or laugh 🙂 And those eyes… I swear she has the liveliest eyes!

Clare learns to turn herself over!

I feel so proud each time Clare learns something new. Clare learned to turn herself over today, and we were thrilled! Of course, being proud parents, we were all ready for the moment with a video recording 🙂

Clare’s first production day (ex-utero)

I’ve almost forgotten how much I enjoy photography, and each time I follow Joan on set I end up having loads of fun with my camera. Today, we both went down with Clare in tow. She’s a real champ, and super cool too… How many babies (or adults for that matter) can say that they […]

Happy New Year!

My daughter the rugby player Striking poses on the couch Grabbing mummy’s shirt while sleeping

Happy New Year

Time to break out the new calendars and throw away the old ones. I was just thinking about what a fantastic year it has been for me, and how many things I have to be thankful for. I’m no religious fanatic, but I can’t help but feel blessed when it comes to the things that […]