The Necessary Philosopher

Month: July, 2007

Getting Inspiration

Today was my first official day off since Clare was born. I visited a couple of photography exhibitions. One was from the Month of Photography entitled Errance by Raymond Depardon. What was amazing was that the entire series of pictures were landscape pictures, shot in entirely portrait mode. He also liked to cut the photo […]

Papa Razzi!

Joan had to work today, so it was just me and my little Clare 🙂 The little poser had lots of fun in front of the camera, and Daddy had fun flashing away like the paparazzi!

Shoe Fetish

This is where she takes after her mommy… our little Clare has a thing for shoes and bags 🙂 In this case, I think she figured that the shoe salesman would put everything back after she made a mess of things.

Durian Goodness

It’s durian season and we’ve been gorging ourselves on durian lately 🙂 Joan’s dad managed to get us some Butter Durian (melts in your mouth, smooth as butter!), and I have thoroughly enjoyed every delicious bite of the stuff. We let Clare have just a taste of it, and apparently she likes it too… A […]

Photography Thought of the Day

I was listening to a podcast today and this interesting thought was expressed by someone on the show… If you actually notice that a photo has too much grain or noise, then it is probably a very boring photo! I find this point particularly true for those who are obsessed with the gear they use. […]

Pretty Pair

My 2 favourite ladies 🙂 Taken with the Samsung NV10 that Joan is reviewing. I was a little skeptical at first, but I must say that the picture quality turned out to be quite nice actually 🙂

Clare update

She’s growing up so fast. She’s now able to crawl around pretty quickly, stand for a few seconds without support, and give us high fives and good bye waves. I keep telling Joan how proud I am to be her daddy 🙂 She fell asleep yesterday afternoon while watching her Baby Einstein video. The photographer […]