The Necessary Philosopher

Month: September, 2007

I’m certain…

… that I was a dog-killer in my past life. For 2 days in a row, our dogs have created a royal mess in our kitchen while we were at work. Yesterday, Thunder chewed up a whole bunch of kitchen towels and the laundry basket (his 3rd or 4th already), and Dinky contributed liberal doses […]


I came across this while uploading Clare’s last video and thought it was pretty amusing 🙂 God doing his own podcast.

Having a ball of a time

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun 🙂 Clare and I having fun rolling her little basketball around. She got so excited each time she caught the ball or went chasing after it.

Hi, I’m Terence, and I am an Introvert

I found this article from recently that does a good job explaining why I seem to have anti-social tendencies from time to time. According to the article, I’m an introvert, and there is nothing abnormal about me. Here’s part of it. Read the full article here. …Extroverts are energized by people, and wilt or […]

First They Came…

I caught this poem while watching Boston Legal on tv tonight, and I remember reading it a couple of years ago and thinking that it is a fantastic reminder of the importance of tolerance, and to stand up to intolerance when you notice it. If you think that it’s ok just because they aren’t discriminating […]

Mess of Shoes

Clare really loves shoes… just like her mummy. No prizes on which member of the family ended up playing the shoe salesman at the end of a shoe sale :p

Sotheby’s Last Singapore Sale

Joan and I decided to pop by Sotheby’s today for their final art auction/sale in Singapore. She got to see her Uncle Dex in action (looking spiffy in a suit, but too bad no pics), and lots of cool contemporary paintings (pics on Joan’s blog). Here she is having biscuits and tea with Godma… just […]

The Birth of a New Playmate

Our little family went to visit baby Nevan yesterday (Kenneth and Novi’s son). So Clare has a new playmate. For now though, she’d much rather play with older kids who can run around and entertain her. There was this pair of very cute brothers who seemed enamoured with Clare and they kept her duly entertained […]

Clare has a ball tent!

I’m catching up on a week’s worth of blogging, so don’t mind me and my mad posting spree today 🙂 We got our little Clare her very own ball tent! Joan and I had more fun in it than she did though. Still, I’m sure in time she will grow to love it, just as […]

Thunder is 3!

When he first came to us, he was such a tiny little doggy. He could fit easily in the palm of our hand. Our little boy has grown up into a big, nervous and highly excitable doggy 🙂 Happy birthday Thunder! 🙂 Then and Now