The Necessary Philosopher

Month: October, 2007

Ooh, Geeky.

It’s taken me a while, but I finally managed to coax my WordPress theme to do my blockquotes to do what I wanted – with the open quotes and coloured background. It was good getting back in touch with CSS and very light messing around with javascript 🙂 This is a sample blockquote. It may […]

Halloween Sunday

Joan’s been planning a dress-up-the-kids-for-Halloween thing for some time, and she’s blogged about it here. Needless to say, the two of us had a whale of a time taking pictures of the kids 🙂 Once she warmed up (and got out of that pumpkin outfit), Clare started to have some fun. She becomes a bit […]

Photo Discipline

I attended a colleague’s wedding yesterday. While I don’t miss taking wedding photos, I do miss taking photos alot, and I wish I had more discipline to go out and take pictures. Just like I wish I had the discipline to go jogging more often :p Attending the ceremony brought back memories of our own […]

Yawning is Contagious

Boring Saturday night… Yawn. Yawn too.

Heaven is…

… when your wife surprises you with this! In case the picture is too small to see clearly, it’s the new Apple Wireless Keyboard. Small, wireless, and super sexy thin 🙂 I can’t wait to sit back on my couch with my mac hooked up to our badass HDTV and use this cool keyboard! If […]

Clare Walking the Dog

Yet another example of how Clare wants to do grown-up things. Lately, she’s been coming down with me to help walk the dogs 🙂

Clare’s Birthday

20071018clare&joan.jpg, originally uploaded by photokalia. It was a pretty quiet day today because Clare is down with a cough and a slight fever. Joan and I took leave to spend the day with our daughter, and we went to Imperial Kitchen for lunch. Our daughter was treated to a bowl of yummy fish porridge, while […]


Clare turns one today! Earlier last evening, she walked over to me while I was seated at the couch eating an apple and started whining and yelling at me. I had no idea what she was trying to tell me… until Joan explained that she was bugging me for a piece of apple. That’s not […]

Inspired by Web 2.0

As of last night, I have become a citizen of Second Life. I was inspired to take a peek into this alternate reality after attending the Web 2.0 talk the other day and finding out that people actually have real jobs in this alternate reality world. I must admit that I still can’t fully appreciate […]

Second Life – A Sign of the Times

Companies like IBM and Adidas are establishing an online presence in the virtual world. I found out on Thursday during this Web 2.0 seminar that IBM actually employs 15 full-time employees to work in Second Life. ie everyday, they login with their Second Life identities and go to work in the virtual IBM office, providing […]