The Necessary Philosopher

Month: March, 2008

Clare showing interest in our camera bag :)

I really hope she likes photography when she grows up!

Day of the Leopard

I finally got to upgrade my Powerbook G4 to the newer Intel-based Macbook Pro, and the newfound speed is absolutely liberating 🙂 The harddisk is now double the size of the old one, which is a godsend for a digital packrat like me. I also love the ability to do multi-touch gestures ala the iPhone, […]

Reply from LTA

Well, here it is… LTA finally replied. They still insisted on classifying my email to them as feedback. Go figure. In any case, they have at least made a small concession on the policy, something which I thought they would never do, although like many people, I feel that it doesn’t go quite far enough. […]

World Class Comedy

It was only a matter of time that the rest of the world got wind of this an started making fun of us… Extract taken from the New York Times …The public has swung into action, as it has with previous nationwide campaigns — to have fewer children, to have more children, to keep toilets […]

Further Debate on New LTA Policy

Before I begin, please know that I’m not trying to start a flamewar. I appreciate alternative views because it helps me to test my own beliefs. I just spent a bit of time responding to a couple of people (commenter 1 and commenter 2) who were kind enough to leave me comments on their own […]

World Class Transportation: Paying a Premium for Inconvenience

I took a cab this morning to avoid being late for work, and I was still late because my cab got caught in red-tape. As an upstanding member of an ungrateful and complaining society, I decided to get off my first world ass and write a letter to complain to LTA about the third world […]

Changing Times

This morning as I heard an all too familiar tune playing on TV, I heard the words of my late grandma in my head. Ah Boy, study hard lah. If you study hard, you can be a [prestigious profession] like [name of smug but irritiatingly smart relative/friend]. If you don’t study, one day you will […]

Tubby Goes Running #3

This better be worth the suffering… I must admit though, that it does seem easier running with this Nike+ thing because I get to listen to music, and knowing that the device is keeping score, I don’t have to keep checking my watch to see my timing or watching road markers to tell me how […]

Tubby Goes Running – Day 2

I didn’t have the energy to blog about it yesterday, but Joan and I both got ourselves the Nike+ running kit for the iPod, and I must say that it does help me to feel more motivated about running. So far my running timings haven’t been anything to crow about (I would still fail my […]

Tubby Goes Running – Day 1