The Necessary Philosopher

Month: June, 2008

My latest indulgence

I’m in audio heaven. I just bought these yesterday to replace my fraying Sony EX-71 earphones, and they sound so much better than my old set. Though of course, maybe my old set was starting to sound muddy due to wear and tear. Quote of the day: “It doesn’t matter whether a cat is black […]

Quote of the day

One of the sections in my department has this whiteboard outside their door that features a new quote each day. Cheesy as it may seem, I actually find myself looking forward to reading these little nuggets of wisdom each day. This was one of the latest ones that I thought was very meaningful. “If you […]

Trust & Honour

I’ve been very busy at work lately, and obviously something had to give. I am usually drained at the end of the day, and rather than bang out something boring and trivial, I’d rather just crawl into bed and hope for a better day tomorrow. A day turned into a week, a week into a […]