The Necessary Philosopher

Month: July, 2008

Visit to Baby Kaitlin

Joan reliving the experience of having a newborn.   Welcome to the world, Kaitlin.   I love those eyes 🙂   Loon! Loon! Clare pointing at her balloon. She’s so chatty lately, and I find it cute how she mangles words that she can’t get the hang of pronouncing properly yet.   Clare taking a […]

It’s No Fun Being Me Sometimes.

I can be such a forgetful goat sometimes. And before I forget to blog about this, let me share a very “me” moment. I took leave on Wednesday to run errands, and one of the errands was to send the car in for servicing. The night before, I had cleared all the valuables out of […]

Driving Miss Clare

We originally planned to take Clare to the Botanic Gardens this evening before having dinner at my mum’s place, but we had to save that for another time as our little princess napped all the way until it was almost her dinner time. Instead, we took her for a ride in her plastic push car […]

Even Trees Grow Old

This tree, along with many others just like it, grew up together with me and they would bloom with these beautiful trumpet flowers every year. The flowers would litter the road and make the estate look like the Sakura festival in Japan, or if you imagined hard enough, snow. The seeds of these trees are […]

Angel of the Morning

This is for Joan, to make up for posting a picture of Clare crying yesterday 🙂 Geek aside: Taking these photos made me realise how spoilt I’ve been by the 5D. For some reason, I find that the 10D’s image quality and noise control are glaringly lacking in comparison. It’s still a very good camera, […]

Nightmare on Boon Tiong

For some reason, Clare absolutely refuses to eat when either Joan or I come home from work before she has had her dinner. Last night was another mammoth struggle. She ended up eating only 4 pieces of carrot and she took over an hour to do so. Along the way, she’d try to struggle out […]