The Necessary Philosopher

Month: August, 2008

In-Car Entertainment System

Clare entertaining herself during our recent roadtrip to Malacca. She was feeding the doll, tucking it into bed and talking to it during the roadtrip. Very cute 🙂

Who says that Singaporeans aren’t Innovative?

I stumbled upon this on Mr Brown’s blog recently, and thought of the time that Joan and I were considering shelling out about $600 to get Clare a little trailer attachment so that she could accompany us on our bike rides. After seeing this, I think Clare would MUCH prefer the supermarket trolley method […]

Useless Fact of the Day

Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens.

Sigh of the Day

The corporate comms people revealed to me today that they do their video editing from their HD video camera in WMV format in Adobe Premiere. Sigh. On top of that, they believe that there is no loss in image quality by converting from HD to WMV. i.e. the output is as good as their original […]

Merry Clare Goes Around

Like most kids her age, Clare is addicted to these rides. We now try to carry around spare $1 coins whenever we go out, because Clare will make a beeline for any ride she sees.

Injured Rat

In pain. Lots of it, especially my shoulders and back. I better make sure I keep hitting the gym. I’m getting too old to keep going through this each time I restart my exercise regime.

The New Gym Rat

I finally caved in and signed up for a gym membership with the Fitness First near my office. I find it very difficult to maintain a regular exercise routine after work because we are usually shuttling between one parent’s place to another for dinner, or else attending other appointments. And then I find it near […]

The Phone Hog

Clare having an animated conversation with her make-believe phone buddy 🙂

Little Miss Monet

Joan bought Clare this cute little easel and chalkboard set from Ikea today. Clare simply loves it, and she couldn’t keep her hands off the chalk and crayons. I just hope that Clare doesn’t decide to get creative and apply her drawing skills onto our walls and floors. Clare having as much fun wiping off […]