The Necessary Philosopher

Month: October, 2008

Qwality Service

It’s late, so I’m not going to explain very much. Basically, I finally got a response from HDB regarding this earlier email, and it got me mad enough to fire off an email to their CEO. His email address is quite dubious though…… but let’s hope that this time the matter is at least […]

Enjoying a Moment

I got into work a bit earlier, and it was nice to have the time to sit down, have a coffee, some kaya toast, and my morning dose of Google Reader.

Customer from Hell

I don’t enjoy being a nasty customer, and I usually try to be nice in the first letter, but when I don’t get the response I was expecting, I turn into… THE CUSTOMER FROM HELL!!! I got fined $100 recently for parking temporarily at the loading bay next to my flat on 12 October 2008 […]

Clare eating raisins with chopsticks

I love to see her trying out new things 🙂

Strange and Hairy

On the way into work this morning, I saw this on the back of a girl’s shirt. It was one of those football jerseys with a large number in the middle and the player’s name across it. The girl’s name (apparently) was Janifur. I must say that all this creative spelling of names is really […]