The Necessary Philosopher

Month: December, 2008

Terence’s Big Film Adventure Part 2

  My second roll of film turned out much better, and I’m getting a bit better at scanning my film too. More pics here. Hopefully as times goes by, my photos will get better too. I must say that shooting film has made me more mindful of my exposure and settings. Before, I’d sometimes shoot […]

Terence’s Big Film Adventure

My film came back! The results aren’t as bad as I thought they would be. At least there was nothing seriously over or underexposed. But I need to work on my focussing. Focussing a rangefinder manually can be quite a difficult thing, especially when it’s dark, or your subject keeps running around. Hopefully once I […]

Reborn as a photography newbie

Well sort of. I’ve been pretty inspired by this photographer on Flickr who shoots with a lot of expired film and primes. And I somehow found myself being very drawn to the look of grain and out-of-focus pictures that inspire a mix of atmosphere and curiousity. But grain and blurriness are things that modern cameras […]

The Big Dent

I’m very very sad 🙁 I forgot to zip up my bag after taking something out from it earlier. As I was walking out of the carpark, my macbook pro fell out of my bag and got a nasty dent! The DVD slot is bent out of shape and I’m worried that the drive might […]