The Necessary Philosopher

Month: January, 2009

Grainy goodness

I never thought that I’d like shooting film after having started out with the convenience of digital, but it really is a magical feeling to see photos onscreen after scanning the negatives. I’m always surprised when I get back the negatives and see photos that I don’t recall shooting, or else photos that I was […]

Tales from the Techless

Today, the big tech idiot was none other than myself. It’s been a VERY LONG day. Basically I was answering tech support calls for most of the day, and I was totally exhausted by the end of the day. My last call was to a Mac user who needed help upgrading an application that we […]

Another Parking Fine

How to turn mild-mannered citizens into bitter, angry bastards.


Finally got her excited about wearing these boots, and now I think she loves them 🙂 Posing with mummy’s bling bling bag. This was taken at ISO 4000, but still quite usable with colour noise reduction applied. I’m quite impressed with the 5Dmk2’s noise control, though after shooting with film recently, I’ve found that there […]

I love 40mm

While waiting for my scanner to come back from Canon, and also my 40.5mm filter to be shipped in, here are some photos taken with my new Rokkor 40mm lens.   I really love the 40mm field of view. I think that 40mm is perfect for portraits and street photography. Not too wide such that […]

Tales from the Techless

I was on the phone helping someone install a program off a cd today, and we waited about 5 minutes for the darn cd to load, and it just kept showing the Windows hourglass. I thought it was a faulty cd, and the other person was apologising for having such a slow computer. So onto […]

Hello 2009

It was quite a downer to think that I spent most of the last days of 2008 mired in system testing and implementation. Even tonight, we had to leave our New Year gathering immediately after popping the bubbly at midnight, ala Cinderella. After dropping Clare and Joan off at home, I made a beeline to […]