The Necessary Philosopher

Month: March, 2009

Eating Raisins

Something Clare is very good at doing. We can always count on her to find and polish off our secret raisin stash.


I really love the perspective of the 40mm lens, and the size and quality make it the perfect lens for the CL. If only I had the framelines for it on my M6. I tried using the lens on my M6, but found it troublesome to keep guesstimating the framing. We’ll see how that experiment […]

One Step Closer to Photographic Nirvana

Presenting my latest toy… the Leica M6 TTL. I’ve read studies that conclude that happiness gained from life experiences far outlasts the happiness from acquiring things. While I agree in general, I think some things have the power to create lasting happiness, especially when they happen to be things that were built to last. This […]

What a Mess

An almighty crash, and this was the scene of the crime.

Freak Shaving Accident

Aftermath of a freak shaving accident. I knocked the can over and it somehow hit the ground on the nozzle and wouldn’t stop squirting shaving foam until the entire can had been squirted all over the bathroom walls and floor.