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Month: April, 2009

Chipped my front tooth :(

Chipped my front tooth 🙁

New AWARE Leadership

I’m not sure how many people in Singapore have heard about the recent change in AWARE leadership, but this post is about my thoughts on the issue. I don’t pay much attention to local news these days, but after reading snippets of the ongoing debate on The Online Citizen, I decided to read up on […]

My mac is back! They replaced …

My mac is back! They replaced the keyboard and trackpad. Thank goodness for AppleCare!


Me: How many dogs do you have Clare? Clare: Two!!! Thunder and Dinky! Me: How many dogs does daddy have? Clare: ONE!!! Me: Which dog is daddy’s? Clare: Thunder! Of our two dogs, Clare’s favourite is Dinky, and she now considers Dinky her personal property.

You know you’re getting old wh…

You know you’re getting old when your teenage sister-in-law asks you what ICQ is…

I’m quite tired, but it’s bee…

I’m quite tired, but it’s been such a long day that I feel I need to take some time out to wind down from all the excitement today.

Barbie Days are Here

I popped out of the room just before bedtime to wash Clare’s milk bottle. As I walked back, I heard her chatting away and fully expected to see her sitting on the bed playing with her toys. But I got a shock when I walked into the room and the bed was empty. It took […]

Laptop Desktop

The keyboard and trackpad on my Macbook Pro died last night. I had a horrendous day at work today, and didn’t have time to eat lunch, let alone send my mac in for repair. It’s going to be a desktop for the time being. I have to use a USB mouse and keyboard for the […]

Just had this strange problem …

Just had this strange problem where the entire keyboard on my Mac froze up. It took 2 reboots to get it unstuck.

Got kicked out of IRAS website…

Got kicked out of IRAS website again… am going to walk the dogs.