The Necessary Philosopher

Month: June, 2009


Rats. Thought ICT might get cancelled due to H1N1 virus, but just got SMS reminder from MINDEF 🙁

Aftermath of Michael Jackson’s Death

Overnight, 7 out of 10 top songs on iTunes belong to Michael Jackson.


Now I know how it feels to be regurgitated. The train broke down and everyone was squishing their way into the next one.


It’s been a frantic week at work. Glad the weekend is here so I can get a breather before the madness begins again next week.

I hate cockroaches!

I was just about to go to bed when I saw a cockroach flutter in through the kitchen window. It landed on the wall and scurried into the bathroom. I ran for the Baygon and waited for it to appear again before letting loose with the bug spray. Of course, it had to do a […]

The Little Mouseketeer

I’m amazed at how fast Clare is learning. I think my mum must be playing the alphabet games on the Starfall website with her pretty regularly. I’m soooo proud of my little dot! 🙂 She knows how to use the mouse to navigate through the website, and she even understands the concept of drag and […]

Think SAF is taunting me

Think SAF is taunting me. They called me this morning to tell me I’m getting my MR gift – a watch. However, I’ve not been discharged from NS yet… due to their cock-up. So anyway, this morning, some clerk from my unit calls up and tells me that they will be sending me a letter […]