The Necessary Philosopher

Month: July, 2009


Been wanting to blog this for some time. I saw this banner a few weeks back, and I find it highly offensive. Any god who threatens termination (not just death, but eternal punishment too) on the basis of you refusing to believe in him is no better than a petty gangster. The fact that there […]

Better Late than Never

The new bed finally got delivered last night. At 11pm! Unbelievable.

I hate Jaws.

Clare’s new 20 piece jigsaw puzzle just became the 19.5 piece limited edition >:(



Sleeping Man

f20090040Tmax400_005, originally uploaded by photokalia.


Fridays are good, but even better when you don’t have to work 🙂


Amazing. Am the tallest person in the room. All adults btw.

Note to self

Important men don’t walk into the meeting carrying NTUC plastic bags and a bottle of mineral water.

Photo Story

There was once a little girl, and she built a house made of pillows. She was very pleased with her pillow house. Before long, she invited a friend along, and they spent all day playing with their dolls and drinking make believe tea. Soon, a third little girl came along, and the little boy who […]

Spot of Sun

Jaws sleeping in the kitchen.