The Necessary Philosopher

Month: November, 2009

Canon 50mm f/1.4 LTM

f20090069HP5400_contact007, originally uploaded by photokalia. The more I use this lens, the more I love it. The tonality is awesome, and check out the resolution of the lens in the way each individual hair on his arm can be seen! And there I was thinking originally that this lens wasn’t very sharp…


Updated my wishlist! So many wants, so little time…

The mundane

Cleaned out a whole lot of washing machine crud this morning. It’s probably the reason why the machine doesn’t dry clothes as efficiently anymore.

Test shots with the Hassy

m20090004tmax400_contact001, originally uploaded by photokalia. I kept developing blank rolls. Finally figured out I was loading the film the wrong way around. Fixed that, and the results are gorgeous!

Liverpool vs Manchester United

f20090068Tmax400_contact030b, originally uploaded by photokalia. Watched the match with Dex and his friends. The atmosphere was fantastic.