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Month: January, 2010

My Twitter Posts for 2010-01-31

And no, the one w/o the queue isn't down. For some reason, people don't know how to get back to the main menu after the last person leaves. # We must be the techiest tech dummy nation in the world. There are 2 AXS stations side by side & there's a queue on one while […]


f20090081tmax400_contact009, originally uploaded by photokalia. This is actually an accidental scan of 2 different frames, but I kept it as I liked how it turned out.


f20090081tmax400_contact010, originally uploaded by photokalia. Years from now, when Clare sees this and wonders what in the world that furry thing in her hands was… for the record, it’s supposed to be a beaver, and Clare thinks it’s cute.

My Twitter Posts for 2010-01-24

Unbelievable stupidity caught on TV — Pat Robertson "Haiti made a pact with the devil, true story" # Random science question that popped up during lunch: In terms of cooling a drink, what would be the most efficient ice cube shape? #

One good reason not to sleep in public :)

f20090079trix_contactANR029, originally uploaded by photokalia.

I miss Christmas already

f20090079tmax3200p_contact013, originally uploaded by photokalia.

Watching tv with her doggy

Watching tv with her doggy, originally uploaded by photokalia. Can’t get any sweeter than that 🙂