The Necessary Philosopher

Month: February, 2010

My Twitter Posts for 2010-02-28

I'm in hipstamatic heaven 🙂 It now has a direct Flickr upload function! # Doh. Forgot to offload the film I bought yesterday. Now have a brick of Tmax 400 to lug around # Voodoo leader vows 'war': This sounds like something fr a simpsons episode #

My Twitter Posts for 2010-02-21

This is the way I feel sometimes. # Feels like a Monday. Thankfully it isn't. # 5 seconds is all it takes for a kid to create a mess that takes 30min to clean up # Chinese New Year is when I gain the weight that I spend the rest of the year trying […]

My Twitter Posts for 2010-02-14

Wish they had a Photoshop healing brush tool for real walls. Aching all over. # Skim through the article & then scroll down to the comments. There are people who don't understand the Internet: # Think it's a sign to leave the office. I'm the only one left and the printer just started spewing […]

Browse by Search

I really can’t believe how silly some people can be. Apparently, there are people out there who never learned what the address bar on the browser is for, and have never used it. This article on Geekzone gives more details, but here is a snippet: For the last few years I have been telling people […]

Need to De-Buzz

Been working like a frenzied hamster lately. I thought that there was no way that I could top last year in terms of workload, but this year looks set to eclipse whatever I did last year by several magnitudes of order. On the bright side, I think that my best work is delivered under pressure. […]

Say cheese!

Say cheese!, originally uploaded by photokalia. Got this new iPhone app recently called Hipstamatic. Love it. It’s got a Lomo-esque concept in that you only know the result of your shot only after you’ve shot it. Absolutely love how this one turned out.

My Twitter Posts for 2010-02-07

Overheard at the zoo (mum to kid): oh look! Rhinosaurus! #