The Necessary Philosopher

Month: March, 2010

My Drive to Nowhere and What it is Not

I took some behavioural/personality tests recently. The results brought some surprises for me, but on the whole, they confirmed what I’ve known all my life about myself. I have very little drive and ambition. Having this fact mirrored to me on a piece of paper was kind of uncomfortable, but as it was the truth, […]

My Twitter Posts for 2010-03-28

Don't think Clare is going to be a businesswoman. She charged me 20 cents for 2 scoops of icecream, and I even got change! 🙂 # Clare just figured out crayons don't fit in LAN ports # Choosing dog food is as hard as choosing infant formula # It's been a while since I've witnessed […]

Omnipotence, Omniscience and Benovolence

It is not possible for a single being to possess all three traits. Not based on the evidence of the universe we live in anyway. This idea isn’t mine, but I believe it is true, and I paraphrase the gist of it below according to my own understanding. Why? Think about it. Human knowledge is […]

My Twitter Posts for 2010-03-21

Somehow this headline just sounds very strange. RT @stcom: Govt is concerned YOG fever has yet to sweep the nation. # Argh, one of my rolls turned out blank! How did that happen? # Developing roll number 6 of Tmax 400 from Chinese New Year. #

iphonography and the Automobile

IMG_4491, originally uploaded by photokalia. Yay! My photo (bottom right) has been picked for a photo exhibition! Too bad it’s not going to be in Singapore. Here’s a bigger version The iPhone is really a wonderful camera. I love how I can shoot and 1 minute later, it’s on Facebook or Flickr. No fuss, no […]

My Twitter Posts for 2010-03-14

I'm BACK! Wish I could have had a longer holiday, but I'm glad to be home, hot and muggy though it may be… From -8 degrees to almost 30! #

Beijing – Day 1 and 2

Very tired, so going to keep it brief. Day 1 was spent walking the streets near my hotel and around Tiananmen Square / Forbidden City area. Tiananmen Square was closed due to a big conference, and it was being used as a carpark. I didn’t manage to hit any of the big parks in the […]

It was supposed to be sunny

The weather report up to a few days ago said today would be sunny, but it’s not. Temperature is about -4 degrees and it’s snowing. I’m venturing out for some breakfast, but I think I’ll do my indoor itinerary today instead of the Forbidden City.

Touchdown in Beijing

As the plane started to land, it looked very foggy. I noted from the information screen on the plane that the temperature was a balmy -1 degrees celcius. I hoped that we would land at a spot with a sky bridge, or else I was going to have to start putting on whatever I had […]

Transit at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

I was reading the colourful prose of Neruda in contrast to the dull grey skies that greeted me as we touched down at Baiyun Airport. It was actually a blessing that I had two and a half hours to kill during transit there. The airport is HUGE, and some bits are still under construction. Finding […]