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Month: May, 2010

My Twitter Posts for 2010-05-16

The German court's decision to fine a home owner for not protecting his wifi feels roughly equivalent to a tax for internet dummies. # Better yet, now I have to take a cab into work. I'm actually paying money and wasting time to pick up a parking fine. # Rushed to post office b4 work […]

Beijing Day 1

f20100013trix400_contact026, originally uploaded by photokalia. It was snowing on my first day in Beijing. Ice and snow everywhere from an extended winter. It was freezing!

Noah’s Ark

We visited Noah’s Ark over the weekend. It’s located in Johore, just 20 minutes from the Tuas 2nd Link (provided you don’t get lost like we did). At last rough count, they had 586 dogs, a couple of hundred cats, 5 horses and a whole lot of rabbits and assorted reptiles. It was a super […]

Proud Parent Moment

IMG_4864, originally uploaded by photokalia. At dinner tonight, Clare wrote her own name without assistance! She’s growing up so fast!!! The finished product 🙂

My Twitter Posts for 2010-05-09

Let's play Words With Friends on the iPhone! My username is 'Photokalia'. #

Let’s See If Jesus Can Prevent A Fine

Let’s See If Jesus Can Prevent A Fine, originally uploaded by photokalia.


f20100012trix400_contact021, originally uploaded by photokalia. Clare and Kyra entertaining themselves the old skool way… with whatever comes in handy 🙂