The Necessary Philosopher

Month: August, 2010

My Twitter Posts for 2010-08-29

Life would be so much easier if there were an "undo" button each time Clare makes a mess around the house. # It's hard to believe that my phone has more RAM and computing power than the computers I used as a teenager. # Feel like king of the geeks! Finally managed to get QNX […]

My Twitter Posts for 2010-08-15

Two tables away is a guy trying to impress a girl by talking loudly and making stupid comments. It's obvious to everyone but him. # Know what's worse than finding doggy poo in your kitchen in the morning? Finding many pieces of doggy poo. And having to clean it all up 🙁 #

My Twitter Posts for 2010-08-08

RT @aphotostudent: Terrorists object to being treated like common photographers Haha this is hilarious. # Reminder I'm not getting any younger 🙁 went to bed with stiff back, and it's still stiff. Ouchy. #

My Twitter Posts for 2010-08-01

If You Don't Want Your Car Stolen, Make It Pink: Haha loved this post. # Barge crashes into oil well in Gulf of Mexico, new oil leak reported – Not again! #