The Necessary Philosopher

Month: September, 2010

Double Exposure Serendipity

The double exposure wasn’t really planned. There is something weird going on with my Mju II. It rewound the film halfway through the roll. Since I didn’t remember what was on the film, I decided to pull the leader out and just shoot it again to see if the camera would repeat the problem. The […]

A fascinating view of the past

I’ve been wanting to blog about this photoset on Flickr for some time. It’s called Mom’s World. It’s a collection of photos put up by Joey Harrison. The photos were taken by his mother in the late 1940s and 1950s. She is a wonderfully creative photographer, and she creates her portraits in a way that […]

Symphony of Science II

The Unbroken Thread The musical creations of John Boswell from the Symphony of Science project are pure genius. Every cell is a triumph of natural selection And we’re made of trillions of cells (Within us is a little universe) Those are some of the things that molecules do Given four billions years of evolution (We […]

The Symphony of Science

A Glorious Dawn Listening to tracks from Symphony of Science. Never realised how poetic the words of scientists like Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking can be when set to music. Take this analogy for example, of the earth as a ship bearing the entire human race, sailing through the oceans of space and time. Awesome! […]

My Twitter Posts for 2010-09-19

The end of an exciting day. Am feeling a surreal calm washing over me even though I know this is the probably the calm before the storm. #

My Twitter Posts for 2010-09-05

I think I had one too many lattes today. Feeling very on the edge. #

Daddy’s Little Heartbreaker

f20100038tmax400_contact016, originally uploaded by photokalia.