The Necessary Philosopher

Month: November, 2010

The Mysteries of Domestication Unravelled

This is a really fascinating video clip about an experiment to breed silver foxes for the trait of tameness. In a few generations, the end result is a fox that behaves very much like a domesticated dog. I think this shows how evolution is possible, and it also sheds light on how wolves evolved into […]

Parachute Bear

HIP_311657272.734916, originally uploaded by photokalia. Took Clare out kite-flying this morning. This is the new “parachute bear” kite my sister bought her.

Joo Chiat Photowalk

polaroid330_chinesemedical, originally uploaded by photokalia. Went on a photowalk with my friend Alex yesterday morning. Lots of quirky stuff in the Joo Chiat area to shoot. I only realised how much I had shot when I went to get the film developed and realised I had shot 4 rolls of 120 film. I should do […]

My Twitter Posts for 2010-11-07

I hate my brain sometimes. It's like a sieve. # Clare's Halloween Adventure! #

Halloween 2010

This year was Clare’s (and mine) first time trick or treating. My cousin Arthur told us that the residents in his area had organised trick or treating for the kids this year and invited Clare to join in the fun. Clare’s costume was a gift from Maye-e last year. It was too big for her […]