The Necessary Philosopher

Month: December, 2010


Me and my Polaroid 330. I LOVE this shot taken by Shawn. The aesthetics of this shot aside, the lens is pure poison… if I didn’t have a 50mm lens already, I’d run out and buy one! 🙂 Leica M8 Summicron-M 50mm f/2

Mountain Biking Inspiration

A long time ago, in another life, I used to hit the mountain biking trails, and I used to watch videos like these to inspire myself. This is one of those videos that makes me want to get back into the saddle and get my bike (and my considerably fatter ass) muddy 🙂 Watch it […]

Magic Hour

CTE is Always Jammed. Thank Goodness For Magic Hour., originally uploaded by photokalia. I love the evening sky. It makes being caught in a traffic jam almost bearable. But I still hate the CTE. Traffic is almost always heavy, and most times, you can bet it will be jammed.